Complete travel guide to kheerganga

Kheerganga is in the Himachal Pradesh of Parvati valley at an elevation of 3050m. The trek to kheerganga will offer you the heavenly view of nature. this trek is the perfect combo of beauty with leisure. this trek will give you the opportunity to learn and explore by meeting new people experiencing their culture.

If this is the first time you are doing trekking then you have made the right decision kheerganga trek is just the perfect choice.

Story behind the name kheerganga

It is believed that in kalyug the son of lord shiva and Parvati; Kartika choose kheerganga for meditation and prayer so when shiva and goddess Parvati visited she decided to prepare kheer, there was a hot water spring in which Parvati cooked kheer. But later Parshotam converted the stream back to waters because they knew that people of satyug would fight for it from then onwards it is believed that the water of the Parvati valley is pure and cure any type of skin ailment.

Gurunanak visited kheerganga

At the time of udasi the guru Nanak Singh came to visit on of his disciple- Bhai mardana, during one visit bhai mardana, was hungry so he bought atta from the langar, but there was no fire so guru Nanak Ji said to mardana to remove the giant stone and this is where the hot spring arise. 

 Difficulty level of kheerganga 

Kheerganga is easy to moderate trek on the elevation of 2690m the distance covered is 12kms.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is April-October. It’s totally up to you in which season you want to go there will be relaxation irrespective of the season.

How to reach kheerganga trek

By road- you can drive your own vehicle from Delhi to kasol is 12hrs journey covering the distance of 565kms.  Or you can reach by bus from Delhi to bhuntar. and once you reach bhuntar change take the bus to manikarn and reach kasol.

By rail- the nearest railway station is Joginder railway station afterward, you can take a cab to kasol.

By airways- the nearest airport to kasol is  in the bhuntar. though the airlines to bhuntar are limited so you have to check before.

Trek information 

 Once you reached kasol passing through the beautiful scenery. You will find a lot of foreigners and travelers at the place pumped up with the joy and excitement for the trek.

You can start the trek from the next day of your arrival in the early morning towards barshaini this is the perfect time to move upwards.

There are 3 routes from where you can reach kheerganga, choose the route according to your convenience.

  1. Nakhthan route: this is the most favored route which will only take 4hrs to reach kheerganga . to reach the nakhthan route first you have to reach the barshaini bridge and then take left to go for nakhthan route.which will lead you to the left of Parvati river. This is the highly traveled route and well marked.
  2. Kalga route: from the barshaini bridge take right and start your trek towards kalga. You will be passing through the dense lush green forest. You will good because of the fresh air and relief that will surround you.
  3. Tosh route- this route will further merge with the nakhthan route. the tosh river flows from the tosh village which joins the Parvati river further.

In the way of your trail, you will find lots of apple orchards and cafes to refresh and refuel you. the one thing that makes the place different from others is the people, their culture, tradition. So you can explore the local life and interact with localities. You will get to know a lot of things about the place.

After rudrang you will across this Dhaba where you can make your tummy happy with some delicious food . in your way you will be seeing a lot of water streams and huts surrounded by the lovely nature. After you reach kheerganga either you can do camping or back to barshaini on the same day. I would recommend camp under the twinkling sky, in the mid of mountains and surrounded by beautiful plants and trees and enjoy the moment to the fullest. 

Things to carry

  1. Carry warm clothes
  2. 2-3 pair of warm socks
  3. Trekking shoes of good quality
  4. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat/cap
  5. Basic toiletries
  6. All the necessary medicines
  7. Trekking instruments
  8. Charger, power bank, extra battery.

Travel to understand the language of nature.

Live love explore discover!!

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