The Magnificent Train of Indian Painters

There has been a surge of contemporary Indian painters that have been experimenting with the new forms and styles and sometimes, evolving a phenomenon of their own. Now, there is a freshness and rigor in the art that is being produced by this young brigade. Indian art, which was earlier identify only as traditional, is capturing international attention for being universal and inclusive.

Let us take a sneak peek into the portfolios of these young artists that have proved to be the change rather than just becoming a mere catalyst.

  1. Sahej Rahal- The Juggernaut Creator

Born in the year 1988 and brought up in Mumbai, he completed his graduation from the prestigious Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Art which is located in Mumbai in 2011. He has received many accolades for his art like Forbes award for Debut Solo Show for the year 2014. The most recent international recognition he got is 2017 Recipient of Henry Moore Cove Park Fellowship, UK.

His work is having a peculiarity that is distinctive and unique. His narrative brings outcastes and forgotten beings into the mainstream for countering the present with a nuance. With these nuances, these mythical creatures find themselves performing unimaginable and unforgettable acts and transforming into ritualistic and occult-related places. The temporary act and whatever is left become the central theme of the nest artwork.

According to Sahel’s statement given by him to the Livemint, he is “essentially expanding mythology in which fictional civilizations are unfolding in our reality”. His art includes the scrapes of used objects that have endured the tides of times and carry with them the burden of the history of their own and that of others. From a piece of discarded metal to a rusted and abandoned part of large machinery, all find a respectable and significant place in his installations.

He himself calls them as not belonging to the present era and absurd. Sometimes, they become a nightmare that scares the people and in this way, the artist wants to have an interaction with the people.

  1. Rahal’s Juggernaut

Juggernaut is a mixture or we could say a hybrid of different forms of media. There are 2D forms like paintings and art made in 3D mediums like sculptures and installations. There is a program of Artificial Intelligence and a magazine. It puts forward the phenomenon of the world-building. It is the process of collecting the abandoned and discarded material and parts and collating them together with other forms.

The inspiration behind the juggernaut is mythical creatures and characters, stories form science fiction and movies, ancient manuscripts that have been illustrated to create vivid imagery, video games, and various other sources.

An Act with a Didgeridoo

One of the creative things he did was making an Australian wind instrument known as didgeridoo from a PVC pipe. He performed and created an amazing effect with it. He seems to be a big fan of Hans Solo and Princes. He mentions Star Wars here and there. It shows his fascination with the particular series and characters.

  1. Priyesh Trivedi- The Modern Adarsh Balak

He is a self-styled artist. He didn’t receive any formal training form any prestigious art school. He is a perfect example of a wild and unfettered imagination. However, he has received his training in animation, filmmaking, and designing games. He took birth in Borivali. His parents have shifted their residence a few times. He has lived in Nalasopara and Dahisar. Currently, they have moved back to Borivali. After he completed his graduation, he worked industriously in the animation and gaming industry for four years.

But, for Trivedi, the painting was more than just a hobby. It was his passion. In May 2014, he hit the highlight when he posted his Adrash Balak made on paper with watercolor. He painted in the year 2013. With this, he depicted the iconic poster boy of the world of education smoking joint. The poster of Adarsh Balak and Balika was used to impart moral and ethical values in the school-going children.

This was ironical as the poster of Adarsh Balak was displayed to invoke students to follow and inculcate good habits. The language ideally used in the poster is cultivated. But, the boy in Trivedi’s poster is seen as talking ‘Lets Tok”. According to Tara Lal and Mortimer Chatterjee, his caustic Wit became an internet sensation in the last couple of years.

When he was asked about the thinking of his parents towards the fact that he smokes pot, he replied with a wry smile that his parents are not really comfortable though weed is not a subject of a taboo in his house.

The new blood has been infused with rebellious thoughts and the do not shy away from identifying and accepting what they are or either displaying that through their art.

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