How I Grew My Freelance Business from Zero to Six Figures

how I grow my Freelance-Business

Freelance jobs mainly act as a side gig to earn extra money. Various freelance platforms allow you to demonstrate your skills to get projects of your own interests. It has recently gained popularity that many people are looking forward to becoming a full-time freelance. 

One of the greatest advantages of a freelance career is you get a chance to make very good money. Though it takes a lot of time to generate cash, you can get to earn a six-figure income once you learn to grab projects. 

I started my freelance journey six years ago and today I am making a good amount of money every month. Here is how my freelance career grew.

Think about WHY

I believe that you need to have a strong motivation to do something. I have seen several people starting a venture impetuously, ending up with a permanent failure. It happens because you do not have a reason or a strong desire to make it to the top. 

Knowing the reason fuelled my passion and desire to grow. First off, you should know the reason why you want to opt for a freelance career. 

Some people start freelancing because: 

  • they want flexibility, 
  • some want it to earn extra money, 
  • and some want it because they prefer to work on different projects. 
  • Further, you also need to know why you want to reach a six-figure income. 

As long as you have a reason to do something, it will push you to keep growing. The reason for making a freelance career was to making money quickly without hurting my liberty. 

Most of the people do not like freelancing as they think that it affects their discipline and it does not allow for constant cash inflows, but I feel that discipline is an approach to live life. Whether you are a freelancer, a self-employed or a full-time employee, you cannot get success if you do not maintain discipline. 

Gain experience and hone your skills

Today I work as a full-time freelance writer, but my journey began with a full-time job. I studied journalism and started working my way up to a journalist, but soon I realised that there was not much scope to earn a good amount of money. 

Several companies were ready to appoint me as a full-time writer, but I knew that I could get multiple projects through freelance sites. Thankfully, I got a job as a magazine editor. Blog writing, article writing are basic skills that every writer must possess to get work on freelance sites. I needed to have additional skills to stand out.

I considered learning editing to be a big improvement unless I met a copywriting agency. Not only did I learn new things, but I also made a lot of money. While I was grooming myself, I was taking a survey at freelance sites to get an idea of projects I would get. I got to know that some entrepreneurs seek e-book writers. 

Having spent two years in the agency, I thought of applying to a company that needs e-book writers. Most of the companies wanted to hire experts, but my additional skills helped me get the job. Having a couple of years’ experience under my belt, I decided to start my freelance career. 

Hire a marketing assistant to fill the funnel continuously

To earn a six-figure income, you should have projects lined up in advance. Even though you know how to choose a niche, demonstrate your skills, market your profile and generate leads, you fail to generate a six-figure income. Why? 

Once you find a client, you immediately stop marketing and get busy with your project, but you have nothing as you finish that job, leaving you more desperate to grab work. If you want to get new projects before you finish the current one, you need to be strategic. 

This is why I hired a marketing assistant. Even though I was busy with my projects, he did not stop finding potential clients. This is why I never felt the need for compromising with the price.

However, hiring a marketing expert was not so easy. I had a couple of projects and little savings by the time I felt the need to have an expert to fill the funnel with projects. 

This is why I decided to take out a small business loans from direct lender like In the beginning, I was a bit cautious about loan payment, but the strategy my assistant followed to select clients reduced all my worries. 

He targeted companies with a big budget so that I could earn a good amount of money. It was his approach that led me to earn a six-figure income. 

Never leave the room for scope creep

You and your clients need to be on the same page if you do not want to get a hurdle in the growth of your business. Clients often backflip on their requirements. 

When a project is underway, it becomes challenging to amend it as per their new instructions, and it takes a lot of time to complete it. 

In order to deal with such scope creeps, I made my work policy transparent. All requirements needed to be laid upfront, and extra charges will be made for additional work. I never allowed for it.  

The final word

Using strategies mentioned above, you can reach a six-figure income. Nowadays, it is easier to make it happen. However, you need to bear in mind that you meet deadlines and render quality. If you continue to keep your clients happy and satisfied, you will be able to earn more than a six-figure income.

Description: Growing a freelance business from zero to six figures is not difficult at all. This blog discusses useful strategies to do it.