8 Tips for Taking an Anxious Child to the Dentist

Many children around the world feel anxious when they are taken to the dentist and to avoid this situation they make lame excuses to by-pass the visit. It is also given the name of dental anxiety. Although the fears and anxieties that the child feels are not real for the child it has a lot of meaning.

Why a child feels anxious?

There are many different reasons as to why a child feels anxiety and as a result, want to never visit a Tulsa Pediatric Group. The people living around fill the child with lies and personal experiences. There are mainly three factors that influence the fears in children. Below are the reasons for the feeling of anxiety in children.

Heard something bad about Dentists

Children are always curious about different concepts around them. They use all of their senses to explore the world. Listening is the best way to seek the truth but these can be dangerous because many of the info can be false. In the same way, when people say negative things about dentists then they can be filled with fear. 

Will feel extreme Pain

Several cartoons and movies depict doctors and especial dentists as sinister. This has an unfavorable reaction on the mind of the child. They show them with different tools and apparatus that seem dangerous. The patients are also shown to be suffering a great deal and feeling a lot of pain.

The Dental Tools are Scary

The tools of a normal dentist are scary for the child as they are pointy and sharp. The clinic of a dentist is simple and has nothing attractive; so the child doesn’t feel attracted to the office and avoid going to the clinic. Sometimes the attitude of the dentist is not friendly and can be like a stereotype professional.

Follow these 8 Tips for an Anxious Child

How to help the child defeat dental anxiety? When helping your child; you must always remember that these fears are not real to you because you are adults and passed that age but for them, it is a reality. Some of you must have experienced the same when you were children. So keeping that in mind; assist your child with the following tips.

Early Visit to Tulsa Pediatric Group

When they are still toddlers you can take them to a dentist like Pediatric Dentist Tulsa. Although, they will not understand at that time bit in their subconscious mind the visit will be stored. Later in life when they will go to the dentist they might not feel anxious as they must remember their initial visits.

Role-Playing with the Child

Parents can bring toy dentist kit for the child to use. This will make the child familiar with the tools and a few of the techniques used by the dentists. You can also allow the child to become a dentist and allow him/ her to use the apparatus on you. This can gradually eliminate the fear of the child.

Don’t make things Complicated

The understanding of the child is not like an adult who can comprehend complex sentences and vocabulary. The child is in the process of initial learning and will only understand simple and plain concepts. Also, be careful not to use technical and complex language. Keep the language and idea as simple as possible.

Try to Eliminate the Negativity

In addition to the language you use and the concept you give; the use of wordings should also be taken into consideration. No word should be used that gives a negative impression to the child. Ask the people who are associated with the child not to use negative words and phrases in front of the child.

Always Stay Calm

Dental anxiety of a child can be very frustrating for the parents and they can panic when it the most crucial time. If the child is panicking in the presence of the dentist then it is your job as parents to calm him/ her down. This can only happen when you are yourself are at peace of mind.

Praising Always works

There is a lot of difference between reward and bribe. Both should not be confused with each other. To avoid this situation neither reward nor bribe must be used. Instead, praise the child when he/ she have achieved something. Positive reinforcement can be very effective.

Be Prepared for the Worse

 The dental visit can be very easy and unfussy but still, there are some children who can create problems. So be prepared for such situations and know the ways to handle weaknesses and fussy kids.

Stress on the Importance of Oral Health Care

Another important tip that you can get from Tulsa Pediatric Group is that you can focus on improving dental care from the beginning. As the first tooth of the child emerges; you need to start cleaning.