7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying From A Shopping Mall

Shopping from a mall and keeping up with the latest trends can sometimes be expensive, especially when you don’t have much time to hunt for the best deals. At times you get the best deals, but other times end up buying disastrous clothes.   

Here are the most common mistakes you need to check before hopping for a shopping mall next time:

Not Knowing Your Correct Measurements:

How many times have you bought denim to check they are not even close to your fit, even if they are your regular size? Well, sizes are arbitrary, which means the same pair of clothes you picked from one store will not be the same when you snag them from another store. 

Sizes vary from store to store and from season to season. So, the size that once was a complete fit can vary, even if your body size is the same. Instead of buying the wrong size, get a measuring tape, and measure your size.

This can be quite useful to the stores that don’t entertain exchanges and returns. You can also check the online size chart for the specific brand you are going to shop from the store. This will save your shopping time and will also ensure that you buy well-fitted clothes.

Buying Full Price Items:

while it can be quite tempting to buy the latest and newest clothes as they show up to shelves, if you wait for a few days, you can get the same at slashed prices. Build a relationship with a store of your favorite brands and look for people to let you know when your favorite items are on sale. 

Like if you are buying from elmwood shopping center stores, you can ask sellers to let you know about sales and offers.

Not Having A Shopping Plan:

Shopping should be more fun; however, if you haven’t plan your trip, you can end up spending more money and time striding to the wrong stores. So, instead of wasting time, do a little research and plan your shopping. 

Check your favorite brands to look for sales, coupons, and other deals, and ask the same from the store. Think about what you actually want to buy and what you need the most. Is it a black dress you want to buy, or it’s a shoe you need the most? Going prepared in a shopping mall can save more time and prevent you from spending unnecessarily on things you don’t know.

Not Setting The Budget:

Let’s accept it, we all have been there- one trip to a shopping mall can turn into three hours of shopping, with you end up spending over $200 ( when $10 was meant to spend). They say shopping produces dopamine, the happy hormone that controls the brain’s pleasure, which means you can easily get caught into the whirlwind of shopping.

So, deciding the budget before shopping will help you give the idea of where you need to spend, and you will not cringe the credit card bill.

Choosing Price, Not Quality:

People often think that buying cheap clothes will make them save money and with that money, they can shop more! However, they don’t realize that compromising on quality will make them spend more. So, think about what you are actually going to use and look for only quality pieces. Some clothing pieces like jeans, belts, quality shoes are worth spending as they can last many seasons.

Investing Too Much On Fashionable Clothes:

Of course, it’s good to look for trends at popular stores, investing in expensive clothes, and buying fast-fishable clothes that can lead to overspending. This way, you will also end up stacking your closet with low-quality pieces that can walk out-of-fashion instantly.  

So, focus on buying quality clothes and staples that never fade out of fashion. This way, you will also end up spending every season and will always have trendy pieces.

Spending On Random Pieces:

Just means you look stunning in something doesn’t mean it would be worth buying, and that’s where you end up spending more. So, before buying anything randomly, make sure you have other pieces to compliment them. 

Think of buying pieces that easily go with multiple outfits like a black to. Think of your personal style look whether the piece compliments your style. You can go for neutrals and your favorite tones so that you don’t end up having mismatched outfits.

Shopping is a therapy, don’t ruin it by making your credit card cry later. Keep the above tips in mind and fill your wardrobe with essential and trendy pieces.