Car is one among those assets which depreciate with time fast. It means the cost of the car decreases promptly as compared to other stuff, like machines, Smartphone, and many more. 

For instance, 

Suppose you bought a car of £16,000 a few years ago, let say 2 years. If you sell that vehicle now, then the price will decrease by 50%, that is, £8000. It is the reason many financial experts says “CAR is the WORST INVESTMENT”. But, this line is partially correct. Let’s understand that in details.

“Car can be the worst investment until you use it properly”. Selling your vehicle may not provide you with the amount that you are expected. But, with sudden changes in it can turn your vehicle into money-generating machines. 

Nowadays, many start-ups provide car services and earning a significant amount. Let’s have a look at how you can make with it. But, there are a few changes that you may require to bring in your car. 

What Changes Your Car Needs?

To make it a commercial vehicle, you have to bring changes, like:

  • License from government 
  • Equipped with advanced gadgets
  • Comfortable seats and cleanliness 

These are the three basic things that your car required. If you have run out of money, then relying on car finance lenders in the UK may be the correct choice. They may offer you the prompt funds to bear the car renovation expenses. 

Now, let’s have a look at how you can earn money from your car. 

Top Methods to Earn Money with Car

We have covered the top six methods through which you can easily create an additional money source. 

Let’s execute it. 

  • Driver For Wedding couples 

No one purchases a car to reach their wedding place. They prefer to rent a car so that it can reduce their overall cost. You can make this an opportunity and earn money with that. For that, you can easily approach your neighbour or wedding planner. 

It will help you to get the client fast and at the best prices. If you already have a job, then you can do this part-time or hire someone to drive the car. 

  • Rent your car 

Nowadays, renting a car becomes easy, but for that, you have to do a little advertisement. Try to start your because it will cost less. Once your service gets popular, then you can purchase another second-hand car, and expand your business. 

The charge of the car’s rent must be depending on an hourly basis. This trick can help you to earn more money. 

  • Approach the brands 

When you started the renting service, then you can approach the brands for promotion. When you started the renting service, then you can approach the brands for promotion. Initially, you may not receive the right amount. But, when big firms approach you, then you can go through the desired outcome.

The best part of it is that you can promote other brands without renting your car. But, in such cases, you must use your vehicle so that the client can see the results. 

  • Provide care to trainers

Many people provide driving classes and earn quite good money. But, it requires the necessary skills, like:

  • Good training skills 
  • Patience 
  • Excellent communication 

You can offer this service once a week or according to your convenience. It shows that providing the car to a trainer or you can provide yourself too can be the passive income method. Make sure you certified the training institute or sanctioned by the government. 

  • School Services 

There are many places where school buses won’t reach. In such a situation, schools hire people with personal vehicles. But, it is a regular service, and you have to be punctual so that children can reach school on time. 

It would be great if you approach a person to become a driver, then you can do other work too. Make sure the hired person must be liable and on-time personality.

  • Provide quick services

Many things, like the delivery of food, vegetables and newspaper, should be reached on time. Thus, such services may not provide you with a good income, but you can earn regularly. It is the benefit that other services may not be able to give you.

All you have to do is to lift the material from one place and drop to the fixed destination. It may seem funny, but it is a demanding service.

Now, you can see how easily you can earn money with your “no-used” car. Few small changes and you can convert it into the regular income. You can run the services by yourself, or you can hire someone to do all these tasks. In this way, you are generating employment with income too

4 Massive Steps To Mine Your Cryptocurrency

mine your cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is the virtual currency that was introduced in the year 2009. Its main goal is to provide a decentralized system where transactions can be completed securely without any intervention from the third-party or centralized organization. There are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies that have been introduced today in the market. Many a crypto store are providing their service in cryptocurrency. New start-ups are coming in the market, and they are launching their cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will provide you with some of the steps to mine your cryptocurrency.

Essential Steps To Mine Your Cryptocurrency

1 Find A Community

The first step to mine your own cryptocurrency is to find a community that is interested in your project. You don’t need to create your own city as it is a lengthy process. There are a lot of cryptocurrency and blockchain communities that are available online and are willing to explore something new in the field of cryptocurrency. Once you have found one such community, you can try to cater to their need with your cryptocurrency project. Online communities are always helpful in the success of your project as they have years of experience in cryptocurrency. You can take advantage of their knowledge and use it for the success of your project.

2 Start Coding

Once you have found a community, the next step to mine your cryptocurrency is to start coding. C++, Java, Python, Go are some of the programming languages in which the blockchain technology works. You don’t have to be an expert here as the internet is full of source code. Also, it should be noted that just copying and pasting the source code will bring you any results. The cryptocurrency that you want to introduce to the market should bring innovation and the latest features than the existing ones; otherwise, your project will fail miserably. You can also hire a team of programming experts if you have a reasonable budget for your project.

3 Get The Miners   


One of the most crucial steps, after you have done with coding, is the mining process. Miners are the people in the blockchain network who are responsible for the actual mining of your cryptocurrency. Having a group of miners means the people who are responsible for bringing awareness about your cryptocurrency in the market. Miners can help you to build the foundation and bring stability to your cryptocurrency project in the ever-growing competition.

4 Market Your Cryptocurrency

Marketing about your cryptocurrency is the final step in which you bring awareness to the people about your cryptocurrency project apart from miners. Marketing is the essential step to get the most out of your project as a new cryptocurrency is launched every day in the market. Here you have to win the confidence of people so that they don’t hesitate in providing funds to your project. You can have an online marketing or SEO team that can help you with this. They will always be helpful to improve the search engine ranking of your business. Also, you should focus on targeted audiences and countries as some of them have banned the use of cryptocurrency.

Final Words

In summary, we have seen how much popularity cryptocurrency has gained now, and many individuals are coming in the cryptocurrency marketplace to make their cryptocurrency popular.  In your journey to mine your cryptocurrency, you should first find an online community and get some innovative and useful ideas from them. Almost all the cryptocurrency project shave somewhere gone through their advice to become successful. When it comes to coding, you should select the programming language suitable for your project. In the coding process, the focus should be given on innovation rather than just copying everything. Finally, follow the latest marketing strategy to get a word of your project in the market.

Author Bio

Pooja is a Crypto enthusiast and a blogger by passion. She Works for a Crypto news Company Cryptoknowmics. Cryptoknowmics is one of the best companies in this industry because they have a passion to provide users the relevant crypto, bitcoin, and altcoin news today. You can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter too.

These Ways to Avoid Financial Stress during Christmas Season


Christmas is a time of happiness and celebrations. There you don’t think about the budget in any way. You pull up your socks to do unlimited shopping for your friends and family. Yet, you end up buying a lot, but still have to do so many things with no money in the pocket. From nowhere, all the stress comes up in your head and you start getting panic attacks. 

Christmas is the demanding time for families, at least when it comes to finances. They have to deal with plenty of belongings. Such as:-

  • Gifts & packaging
  • Decorations
  • Foodstuff
  • Holidays 

It can all take an excess on your monthly budget without any indication. There are so many things which can give you headache and you cannot even overlook them. If you are already struggling to make up with the deadlines, the anxiety is even more overpowering. On the other hand, there is always a solution waiting to give you heal in each phase of life. 

Now let us go through with some ways through which you can forget about all the stress at Christmas time.

set a budget limit
pick up only essential items
start purchasing things early
keep eye on emotions, not for expensive things

These are some of the major points, which you can follow and feel relaxed. Now let us go through with them in deep to have a better understanding.  

set a budget limit   : No matter what the event is, you must always start with a budget as it is the major part. Make a decision how much money you want to pay out and try not to go over your limits. Preferably, you should keep an amount aside enough for emergency expenses. Any problematic situation can knock your door at any time of festival. 

However, no need to think that if you will take this step, then you won’t be able to enjoy properly. Planning and doing things according to the particular budget is always helpful. Never go beyond your boundaries, and enjoy the festival vibes which are disturbing you. 

pick up only essential items  : Never buy those items that are in no use because of lesser price. You may look at the option of going into a sale, but only for those items, which are required the most for festival preparations. At one point or another, you can feel that you should buy everything, as sale can make you feel tempted to buy every item. 

There is nothing wrong in treating yourself time to time, but you should know your limits. Even you have to keep always your current financial circumstances in mind even if you need for whatever you are looking. You can surely get it at a much better price especially at the time of Christmas. 

start purchasing things early  : It is better to start preparing for the festival on an early basis. It helps you to be on the safer side. You may feel that it won’t help you that much, but it can reduce your financial stress a lot better than you thought. Arranging for the holiday season should start as early as possible. In this way, you save a lot of money and time.

If you are one of those people, who like to embellish a lot. To celebrate Christmas, take the hand in offers and great deals like ‘buy one get one’. Take lead in everything that you can get in better Christmas Eve. You can go for black Friday sale. 

keep eye on emotions, not for expensive things  : Try not to let the substance side of Christmas to get the best after seeing everything carefully. Focus on making vast memories with your family. Replace your unnecessary stress on what you are going to buy them and will they like it or not? 

If you create a set of paper flowers for your loved ones, they still love them. What matter is how well you can express your love and how to respect elders. Besides that, you can keep the value of money in mind. Follow one pattern of care in life, and after that, achieving a smile will not be a complicated task. 

Leave the stress back and enjoy Christmas 

Festival time is the time when you don’t want to take any load on your shoulders. Enjoy the complete time with family and friends. We have given you a better way to leave all the negativity at back that occurred due to lack of money. 

You can take out Christmas loan from direct lender such as in the UK for having urgent funding to your bank account and to remove all the strain. Once again! Merry Christmas to all of you and make this a memorable time for you and your family… 
Description:  Acknowledge these points in your mind to get financial relief. Christmas time is all about happiness and joy; don’t let it go in waste. 

How I Grew My Freelance Business from Zero to Six Figures

how I grow my Freelance-Business

Freelance jobs mainly act as a side gig to earn extra money. Various freelance platforms allow you to demonstrate your skills to get projects of your own interests. It has recently gained popularity that many people are looking forward to becoming a full-time freelance. 

One of the greatest advantages of a freelance career is you get a chance to make very good money. Though it takes a lot of time to generate cash, you can get to earn a six-figure income once you learn to grab projects. 

I started my freelance journey six years ago and today I am making a good amount of money every month. Here is how my freelance career grew.

Think about WHY

I believe that you need to have a strong motivation to do something. I have seen several people starting a venture impetuously, ending up with a permanent failure. It happens because you do not have a reason or a strong desire to make it to the top. 

Knowing the reason fuelled my passion and desire to grow. First off, you should know the reason why you want to opt for a freelance career. 

Some people start freelancing because: 

  • they want flexibility, 
  • some want it to earn extra money, 
  • and some want it because they prefer to work on different projects. 
  • Further, you also need to know why you want to reach a six-figure income. 

As long as you have a reason to do something, it will push you to keep growing. The reason for making a freelance career was to making money quickly without hurting my liberty. 

Most of the people do not like freelancing as they think that it affects their discipline and it does not allow for constant cash inflows, but I feel that discipline is an approach to live life. Whether you are a freelancer, a self-employed or a full-time employee, you cannot get success if you do not maintain discipline. 

Gain experience and hone your skills

Today I work as a full-time freelance writer, but my journey began with a full-time job. I studied journalism and started working my way up to a journalist, but soon I realised that there was not much scope to earn a good amount of money. 

Several companies were ready to appoint me as a full-time writer, but I knew that I could get multiple projects through freelance sites. Thankfully, I got a job as a magazine editor. Blog writing, article writing are basic skills that every writer must possess to get work on freelance sites. I needed to have additional skills to stand out.

I considered learning editing to be a big improvement unless I met a copywriting agency. Not only did I learn new things, but I also made a lot of money. While I was grooming myself, I was taking a survey at freelance sites to get an idea of projects I would get. I got to know that some entrepreneurs seek e-book writers. 

Having spent two years in the agency, I thought of applying to a company that needs e-book writers. Most of the companies wanted to hire experts, but my additional skills helped me get the job. Having a couple of years’ experience under my belt, I decided to start my freelance career. 

Hire a marketing assistant to fill the funnel continuously

To earn a six-figure income, you should have projects lined up in advance. Even though you know how to choose a niche, demonstrate your skills, market your profile and generate leads, you fail to generate a six-figure income. Why? 

Once you find a client, you immediately stop marketing and get busy with your project, but you have nothing as you finish that job, leaving you more desperate to grab work. If you want to get new projects before you finish the current one, you need to be strategic. 

This is why I hired a marketing assistant. Even though I was busy with my projects, he did not stop finding potential clients. This is why I never felt the need for compromising with the price.

However, hiring a marketing expert was not so easy. I had a couple of projects and little savings by the time I felt the need to have an expert to fill the funnel with projects. 

This is why I decided to take out a small business loans from direct lender like In the beginning, I was a bit cautious about loan payment, but the strategy my assistant followed to select clients reduced all my worries. 

He targeted companies with a big budget so that I could earn a good amount of money. It was his approach that led me to earn a six-figure income. 

Never leave the room for scope creep

You and your clients need to be on the same page if you do not want to get a hurdle in the growth of your business. Clients often backflip on their requirements. 

When a project is underway, it becomes challenging to amend it as per their new instructions, and it takes a lot of time to complete it. 

In order to deal with such scope creeps, I made my work policy transparent. All requirements needed to be laid upfront, and extra charges will be made for additional work. I never allowed for it.  

The final word

Using strategies mentioned above, you can reach a six-figure income. Nowadays, it is easier to make it happen. However, you need to bear in mind that you meet deadlines and render quality. If you continue to keep your clients happy and satisfied, you will be able to earn more than a six-figure income.

Description: Growing a freelance business from zero to six figures is not difficult at all. This blog discusses useful strategies to do it.